What’s New for 2018-2019?

Important Dates

  • Application Opens:  Saturday, September 1, 2018
  • Public Meeting on Las Animas Goree and Princeton Goree Scholarships:  Sunday, September 9, 2018
  • Deadline for Submission of Applications and Supporting Materials:  Monday, October 15, 2018
  • Applicants Informed of Board’s Decisions on Finalists:  Monday, November 19, 2018
  • Finalist Interviews:  Sunday, December 9, 2018
  • Finalists Informed of Board’s Decisions on Recipients and Alternates: Monday, December 17, 2018
  • Deadline for Recipients to respond to the Foundation’s offer of a scholarship and, if accepting a scholarship, to inform the Foundation of their college choice and to submit required financial information if they are seeking a needs-based award in addition to full tuition and fees: Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Important Notes

  1. Eligibility:  Prior to 2018-19, a student could establish eligibility through GPA, ACT score OR SAT score.  Beginning in 2018, a student can establish eligibility through GPA alone, GPA in combination with ACT or SAT score, OR through SAT or ACT score alone.  For more details, please see Eligibility  under Prospective Scholars.
  2. Transfer Policy:  We have added a summary of the Foundation’s policy on permitting students to transfer their scholarships to colleges or universities other than those in which they originally enrolled in Transfer Policy under Current Scholars.
  3. Study Abroad:  The Foundation has developed a policy that permits students to use Scholarship funds for study abroad under certain circumstances and with the prior approval of the Foundation board.  For more details, please see Study Abroad under Current Scholars.
  4. Size of Individual Minimum Awards:  Beginning in the 2017-2018 academic year, new rules for determining scholarship awards went into effect that will result in scholarship awards for all recipients, first-time and renewing, that will be equal or greater in all cases than they would have been under our previous rules. These new rules are described in detail under Scholarship Awards. Most significantly, the new rules provide that all recipients (first-time and renewing) whose total estimated costs for tuition, fees, living expenses (room and board) and miscellaneous expenses (transportation, books, supplies and personal expenses), as published by their college, ARE LESS than the amount of Princeton University’s tuition and fees for the year of the award (currently $49,330) will receive a full-ride scholarship award for tuition, fees, living expenses and miscellaneous expenses without regard to the recipient’s or their family’s financial circumstances. Among the recipients who will benefit from this change are students who attend public colleges and universities within Colorado. They will receive full-ride scholarships for tuition, fees, living and miscellaneous expenses as the total cost of attending those institutions is less than the cost of tuition and fees at Princeton University.
  5. Scholarship Renewal:  Beginning in the 2017-18 academic year, the Board has simplified the process for renewing scholarship awards for living expenses (room and board) and miscellaneous expenses (transportation, books, supplies and personal expenses).  See our Scholarship Renewal page for detailed information about the process.
  6. Photostatic Copies of Standardized Test Scores:  This item is not new, but to avoid any confusion, we would like to restate that students may submit photostatic copies of their standardized test scores with their application.   The Board will also accept test scores appearing on a student’s high school transcript.
  7. College Selection:  This item is not new, but to avoid any confusion, we would like to restate that applicants will be requested to list on their applications up to eight colleges or universities to which they have or intend to apply.  In listing the colleges or universities, applicants are not committing themselves to attending one of those institutions.  However, if an applicant is selected as a finalist, the applicant will be required to bring an updated list of up to eight (8) colleges or universities to the interview.  In the event the applicant is awarded a Las Animas Goree Scholarship, the applicant will be able to use the scholarship only at one of the eight (8) institutions on the updated list submitted at the time of the interview or Colorado State University at Fort Collins, the Colorado School of Mines or the University of Colorado Boulder.  In other words, finalists do not have to include any of these three (3) flagship institutions of the Colorado public university system on the list that they bring to their interview. Please note that in the case of Colorado State University and the University of Colorado, only the Fort Collins and Boulder campuses are exempt from the requirement that they be on the finalist’s list.  Finalists who would like to be able to use their Las Animas Goree at other campuses of the Colorado State University and the University of Colorado such as Colorado Springs, Denver and Pueblo have to include such colleges on their list in order to be able to use their Las Animas Goree at those institutions.
  8. Supporting Documents:   This item is not new, but to avoid confusion, there are two ways in which supporting documents can be delivered to us:  (a) uploaded by the student with his/her application or (b) emailed by the teacher/counselor to Scholarship America at lasanimasgoree@scholarsapply.org.  Supporting documents cannot be sent by US mail by students, counselors or teachers.  If a teacher prefers that an evaluation be kept confidential, the teacher should not return the completed evaluation to the student, but should instead email it to Scholarship America at the address above.  If a teacher is not concerned about confidentiality, the teacher can return the completed evaluation to the student for the student to upload with his/her application.  Finally, transcripts, while still required, don’t have to be submitted with counselor evaluation forms. The student may upload the transcript or the counselor may email it to the above address.  In addition, transcripts and/or evaluation forms may be mailed en masse by counselors or teachers.  Basically, each high school may adopt whatever practice works best for them as long as supporting documents are either uploaded or emailed by the October 15 deadline.  Finally, a “complete” transcript is one that includes all grades earned through the end of 11th  grade.  Reports for senior year aren’t required and won’t be accepted.
  9. Teacher Evaluation:  The required teacher evaluation must come from a teacher who has taught the student in 9th, 10th, 11th and/or 12th grade.  Evaluations from a teacher who taught the student in elementary or junior high/middle school will not be accepted unless the teacher has also taught the student in high school.
  10. SAT:  Because the SAT is now the standardized test taken by all Colorado high school juniors, we require it for all applicants.  If students so choose, they may also submit ACT scores, SAT Subject Test scores and Advanced Placement test scores.
  11. Grades from Senior Year:  As a clarification, we do not require and will not consider grades from courses taken during the senior year in high school.  A complete transcript(s) showing grades earned in all courses from the beginning of 9th grade through the end of 11th grade is sufficient for our purposes.
  12. Questions about the Application:  For questions about the online application process or about submitting supporting documents, email lasanimasgoree@scholarsapply.org, or call toll-free 1-855-758-8608 and ask for the Mary John Goree Las Animas County Scholarship Program.