Transfer Policy

The Foundation Board considers requests by scholars to transfer their Scholarship to a different college or university on a case-by-case basis.  The Foundation takes transfers seriously, and while we will allow a transfer in appropriate situations, we want to ensure that students take their college selection process seriously and that their desire to transfer is not based upon any misunderstanding or erroneous information. In considering a transfer request, we take into account the financial impact on the Foundation, particularly in the case of a request to transfer to a more expensive program.

The two primary reasons we will consider a transfer request are

  1. if it will further a student’s pursuit of academic excellence or
  2. if there are compelling personal or family reasons that are not primarily financial in nature.

We also recognize that in some cases there may be financial reasons for requesting a transfer and will consider appropriate assistance in those cases.

Process for Requesting a Transfer of Scholarship:

  • A student must notify the Foundation Board within 7 days of submitting a (or the first) transfer application (either by mail or online).
  • We require the student to meet with (or have a conference call with) the Board within 7 days of submission of that notice.
  • The Board will make a decision within 3 weeks of the meeting.

Current scholars with questions about the transfer policy may contact the Foundation Board by emailing David Vandermeulen at