About the Foundation

The Mary John Goree Las Animas County Scholarship Foundation (the “Foundation”) was established to administer a new scholarship opportunity for eligible Las Animas County residents at colleges and universities other than Princeton University (the “Las Animas Goree”). The Las Animas Goree was created in 2014 when the Mary John Goree Scholarship at Princeton University (the “Princeton Goree”) was severed to create two separate scholarship opportunities for eligible Las Animas County residents.

William John as a Young Man

William John, circa 1910

Established in 1962, the Princeton Goree provides unparalleled opportunities for Las Animas County residents to attend Princeton University, and over the past 60 years, 30 students have taken advantage of that opportunity. During that period of time, the Princeton Goree fund, which is held as part of Princeton’s endowment, grew dramatically and the rate of return far exceeded the rate of increase in the cost of attending Princeton. Recognizing that the Princeton Goree fund was being underutilized, the Princeton Goree Advisory Board worked with Princeton to develop a plan to divide the Princeton Goree into separate scholarships that would extend the reach of the funds to more students, and the Las Animas Goree was created.

The Princeton Goree will continue to be administered by Princeton. It will operate without change and will remain available to Las Animas County residents attending Princeton. The Las Animas Goree became available beginning in Fall 2015 for eligible Las Animas County residents to attend other four-year colleges and universities.