Selection Criteria

The Board will consider the following areas during the selection process:

  • Academics:  Students will be required to submit a transcript from each high school they have attended, beginning with 9th grade through 11th grade, as well as a transcript from any two-year or four-year college where they have taken course(s), if applicable, through the end of their 11th grade year, unless grades from such course(s) are included on a high school transcript.
  • Tests:  Performance on tests designed to measure ability and aptitude for educational work.  The SAT is required, but students who have taken the ACT and/or Advanced Placement Tests may submit those scores if they so choose.  Students may submit photostatic copies of their test scores with their application.   The Board will also accept test scores appearing on a student’s high school transcript or a screen shot of the student’s online test score report from the testing company.
  • Recommendations:  One evaluation from a counselor and one evaluation from a classroom teacher who has taught the student in 9th, 10th, 11th and/or 12th grade are required. Evaluations from academic advisors, academic coaches, athletic coaches, extracurricular advisors or other persons will not be accepted unless the recommender has also taught the student as a  classroom teacher in grades 9, 10, 11 and/or 12.
  • Leadership:  Evidence of leadership in and service to the school and the larger community
  • Special Talent and Non-academic Achievement:  Extracurricular activities and special talents, including, but not limited to, athletics, the arts, speech, student government and employment
  • Character:  Strength of character, including concern for others as shown by service to school, religious organization and/or community, commitment to a cause greater than oneself and overcoming obstacles
  • Readiness for a Demanding Four-Year College Education:  Extent to which (a) the student’s contemplated major and/or career path require a four-year college education (and cannot be satisfied at a two-year college or a trade school or with only a high school diploma), (b) the student has thoughtfully assembled a list of colleges to which the student intends to apply in which the colleges represent a range of difficulty of admission for that particular student and that have reputable programs in the student’s field (s) of interest, and (c) the student has demonstrated the intellectual curiosity that will enable and motivate the student to make the best possible use of the academic resources at the college the student decides to attend

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